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Every business needs a way to get as many customers as they can get. Having an animated explainer video is a perfect tool to attract customers. With an animated explainer video, you can tell your target audience about the key benefits and features of your product and services. This way, they don’t have to read so much texts and get bored in the process. Some even skip key benefits about your business because of long text but an animated explainer video will compel them to keep watching to the end.

You should know that it is not about having just any animated explainer video, you need an animated video that gives your audience a reason to stay, a reason to watch, and a reason to patronize your business. Research shows that average of people spend about 10-20 seconds on a website if there is no compelling reason to stay longer and some just hit the skip button in an advert if the first 10 seconds is not compelling enough to keep watching.

The first 10 seconds of every business animated explainer video is as important as the rest of the video, even more. It is what most likely determines if your audience would stay or skip the video. With only 10 seconds, you cannot rely so much only on text and animation alone to attract them. You need some deep thoughts and action to catch people’s attention.


It has been observed and proven in eye-tracking studies that people who read from/on the internet focus more on information carrying images. In fact, they spend more time looking at the images when they find them relevant than they spend reading the texts on the page.

We have also gotten to know that visual information such as pictures and videos is processed 60,000 times faster than texts.

While running your business, animated explainer videos are able to hinge your services or products clearly in less than a minute or two. Since animations or if we may say, videos, allows people to acquire more information in less time compared to the time spent reading where they might even have to re-read a line twice or more to get it, you get a higher chance to win the first critical 10 seconds and get your audience’s attention with it.

Having an animated explainer video for your business involves you using both visual communication which includes animated images, pictures, and text, and also audio that significantly enhance your business perception.

Wondering if the use of animated explainer video really helps in giving businesses a boost? Well yeah! It most definitely does.


So, you are currently running a small business and need to invest in a cost-effective strategy to go far? Well, there are so many ways that you can invest according to your budget, but there’s a particular way that will work for all your business marketing campaigns in a very effective way, increase your online visibility and also increase your business sales. Heal your marketing headaches with an animated explainer video! It is just what you need.

Just like it has been pointed out earlier in this post, you need to explain your business idea in a few seconds. That is the master plan.

When anyone visits your business website or comes across your advert on YouTube, Facebook, or any other media platform, you only have a few seconds to draw their attention and explain your business idea before they move over to another site or proceed with why they are on that media platform.

One of the most important benefits of using an animated explainer video for your business marketing or advert is that it can explain your product or service in a matter of seconds. That is how fast and efficient that it can be.

An animated explainer video can increase the average visit time of any website by 2 minutes. That is just enough time for you to disclose your business idea. Although, you still need to be compelling enough in the first 10 seconds.


Want to launch an animated marketing video strategy but not sure where to start? This post will provide you with some inexpensive ideas for animated marketing videos as inspiration.

These ideas are driven conversion, good for customer engagement, exceptional creativity, and methods that you can replicate even by a small business budget.

You can also put in a few video testimonials. Having other people see how much your customers love your product or service can have a powerful effect on your business, whether small or big business. Video testimonials are almost impossible to fake, so you have a great chance at getting people to believe your customers.

Put your product into action, demonstrate how it works, and show customers the result of it. People like to know what they are going after and need to be sure that they won’t end up regretting going for it.

Provide answers to questions that are frequently asked by your customers. It is another way to compel people in going for your product or service. You can do one video per question or a bunch of questions in one video. Just be sure that it is a common question that is being asked by customers.

Put your product into action, demonstrate how it works, and show customers the result of it. People like to know what they are going after and need to be sure that they won’t end up regretting going for it.

Provide answers to questions that are frequently asked by your customers. It is another way to compel people in going for your product or service. You can do one video per question or a bunch of questions in one video. Just be sure that it is a common question that is being asked by customers.

Your voiceover is just as important as your video animation and your texts. You need a professional voiceover that would not be easy to ignore by people. Having just the visuals might not do all the trick. If you cannot do a personal voiceover, then you should hire a professional to do that for you. You can get one done for as low as $5 on Fiverr.

One more thing you need to do; be sure to promote your animation explainer video. It is not meant for you to watch but your customer and to get more. There are lots of social media platform where you can promote your business animation video and get lots of viewers from which some or many become regular customers or patronizers eventually. There’s Facebook, Youtube, Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, Google and lots more.


It can be a bit expensive to advertise your business and way out of your budget if you are just starting out as a small business. But with some clever thoughts, there are a few ways that you can advertise your business locally with low costs or even for free.

Make your animation explainer video add value. That is why it is called an explainer video, whether you are aimed are targeting local or global customers, your video should explain what you have to offer and the benefits involved. Your business should be easy to find, and be attractive, like really attractive.

Make your animation video available to share and not at any cost. If people can share your video, then imagine how many people out there will get to watch your video. It’s one of many ways to advertise your business locally.

You should also consider making your products or services to be affordable to customers. People would avoid what they can’t afford, even you would avoid what you can’t afford. So why not start off with something your customers can afford and be sure to point that out in your animation. It will help to grab their attention any day, any time.

ANIMATED EXPLAINER VIDEO offers so much more than you can imagine so you should get yourself one for your business today.

That's it.

Updated: Aug 28, 2018

With changing times, there has even been a change in the customs and traditions. Traditionally there used to be formal wedding invitations and wedding cards which were circulated among friends and relatives in order to invite them for the wedding ceremony, and the other related functions like the reception, etc. But now the trend has changed towards creative wedding invitation. A glimpse of what a creative wedding invitation can look like is provided below.

What is a Creative Wedding Invitation

Creativity knows no boundaries. It flows in the direction of its inspiration. Same is the case with the electronic wedding invitations. These are the modern day wedding invitation cards that are circulated amongst friends and family via online media and social networking sites.

People are becoming creative in all aspects of the life like hotel decorations, interior designs food and beverages, etc. Then why must one fall back in reflecting creativity in the wedding invitation cards? There are different types of creative wedding invitation ideas present in the market. We at Miss Audio Video create electronic wedding invitations covering a large variety. Some of the popular variants of the creative wedding invitation we have are as follows

Types of creative wedding invitation

1. Photo wedding invitations

Photos express emotions of the moment. Invite your wedding guests with the best photo collection you have. Our team of experts will convert your photos into unique wedding invitations to suit your taste. You can use the photos from your childhood to present to show your love transition. You can even incorporate your pre-wedding photo shoot images to make it appear more elegant and classy.

2. Funny wedding invitations

Have a funny bone in your relationship. Let it out in the wedding invitations as well. Humor can be added to the invitation in a variety of ways. Funny messages and images can be used. There can even be a humorous theme which flows across the invitation. The creative team of Miss Audio Video can help you make the most funny wedding invitations in the most creative way

3. Evening wedding invitations

An evening wedding invitation has to be as special as the wedding itself. A wedding under the stars is definitely a dream wedding. Using simple wedding cards for inviting the guests fails to create the excitement around the wedding. Electronic wedding invitations add the much needed charm to make the best evening wedding invitations

4. Custom invitations

Be it a wedding card or the electronic wedding invitations, every individual wishes to have some level of their own creativity being added to it. At Miss Audio Video, our editors are ready to take on the challenge of custom invitations. Bring in your most creative ideas and we will make it into the best wedding invitation video. It is our guarantee.

5. Luxury wedding invitations

Huge wedding cards with detailed design and only a few words of information is not really meant to be called as luxury wedding invitations. When your love story is brought out to your invitees with special events being captured in it, that is what a real luxury wedding invitation is. The creative team at Miss Audio Video ensures that you get a luxury wedding invitation every time you approach us.

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Updated: Aug 28, 2018

To make or not to make?

To make wedding cards or not to make wedding cards? This is an age old argument which ultimately ends with the creation of a wedding invitation. But with today's youth, creating and sharing of wedding invitation video as well as online wedding invitation card is a more preferable option as compared to the traditional indian wedding cards.

There are two extreme views when it comes to the creation of wedding invitations. On one extreme end are the people who have the opinion that spending money behind wedding invitation cards is a waste of money since it is ultimately going to be discarded by the guests. But there are others who feel that the traditional wedding cards are important as they mark the beginning of the wedding ceremony preparations. We at Miss Audio Video have a solution to make both these extreme views meet.

The solution by Miss Audio Video

Miss Audio Video helps you create your indian wedding cards in the form of an electronic wedding invitation . You can incorporate a variety of features of the luxury wedding invitations into the electronic wedding invitation . The electronic wedding invitation will help you save a lot of time and resources which a traditional wedding invitation would have made you incur. Not only is it cost effective as compared to the classic wedding invitations, but even sharing the wedding cards online helps to save a lot of time which can be dedicated to the other wedding ceremony preparations.

Benefits of wedding invitation video

A wedding invitation video encompasses a number of other benefits as well, as compared to the traditional wedding cards. The major benefit of the online wedding invitation card video is that you can share it with as many people as you wish without worrying about the cost since the video once made is your property. Another advantage is that a high degree of customization is possible. We at Miss Audio Video try to make your story as unique as you want it to appear to your guests. This is practically impossible in the classic wedding invitations.

We have an entire team of members who work upon the story building for the couple so as to create the best wedding invitation. Make your invitees know your strong love bond, let them realize what you went through to make it so far. All this can be added to the wedding invitation video so as to create a good level of hype for the wedding.

The electronic wedding invitations can contain all the information you need to convey to your guests which would have otherwise been conveyed through a traditional wedding invitation. Details such as the information of the wedding ceremony, date, time, place and venue for the wedding, can easily be inserted into the wedding invitation video. Even the details of the pre as well as the post wedding programs can be added into the same video.

Thus the electronic wedding invitations have the major aspects covered of the creative wedding cards and much more. So what are you waiting for, get yourself or your friends, who are getting married, create their wedding invitation video with only the experts at Miss Audio Video.

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