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How it Works?

It works in 3 simple steps.
1. Pick the video you would like to go for from our collection and share it's link with us 2. Give us your story with all the points you would like to showcase through the video 3. And at the end , place the order for your desirable video. Your video will be delivered in 15-20 Business days.

How can I place my order for Video?

Send us your contact details for the process and we will do the rest. Or you can forward the selected video link on our WhatsApp number +91 7340-069-076 and pay via any online payment gateway. Don't forget to mail us your payment receipt on hello@missaudiovideo.com. You can even contact us through WhatsApp in case of any problem or confusion.

In how many days will my video be delivered?

Generally, the videos are delivered within 15-20 business days but duration might exceeds to 25 days in wedding season.
For quick and early delivery you can go for the option of EXPRESS DELIVERY. Note- The turn around time may vary, as it depends upon the asked revisions.

What content I need to provide?

You have to provide us the story that you want to portray in the invites with the description of your journey from its commencement and some information about soon to be bride and groom.
Also the names,venue and dates of the respective ceremonies and other essential information you would like to add.

What about the Video Quality?

We assure you of the best quality. The video will be delivered in HD and it would be access to all gadgets easily.

How I can place my order for express delivery and what will be the delivery time?

You just have to ask for it while placing an order.
Charges will increase by 10% in total cost for express delivery. The timings of delivery will be trimmed to 7-10 days.

Payment Terms

Whether I have to pay before or after personalization?

The payment of entire amount will be in advance. In case you can't pay the amount in lump sum then, you can make the payment of 50% in advance and the rest before the delivery of HD file. But if you choose the second option for payment, the amount of your video will be increased by 10%.

Can I get any type of discount?

You can get a discount of INR 500 ,if you allow us to add our watermark in the last 10 seconds of your video.

What will be the Payment Methods?

You can pay via Googlepay, PhonePe, UPI Transfer, NEFT, Paytm, PayPal. Notice-In case of payment via PayPal , you have to pay 5.89 USD Extra as Paypal fee.

What if I need extra version of the same video?

To get an extra version of same video, you have to make the payment of INR 700 for each video. Version here means, if you want the same video with different ceremonial details from both the side or you want to make changes in the details for several guests.

What if my story is longer than 60 seconds?

In this case the charges increases poroportionally. It means after 60 seconds the charges will increase with per second rate of the basic prices.

Required Changes

What changes can be done in video?

Changes stated below can be done in a video: · Audio and graphics will be set according to the preferences and suggestions of customer. · Even character's appearance will be designed according to their choice · The changes and revisions will be done on the suggestions of customers.

What if I need to change characters' appearance?

In case of 2D Animation style of invitation, the character will resembles you upto the extent of 15%. Only the changes in hairstyle, beard and moustaches is possible under this category of video.
Even you can select from the options available in our collection. Apart from that you can pick the character's appearance from our video samples (https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLQbSHPhzEVup-hCuX92eL8n0VSVhUctys).
OR If you want the character to have more of your resemblance you can go for the category either 2D Animation Caricarture, costing INR 14999 for a minute (https://youtu.be/QEY3017LC_8) or Motion Graphic Caricature, costing INR 24999 for a minute (https://youtu.be/bNKdnQsY7uY).
So, choose the appearances according to your preferences

What if I ask for the changes after final render?

We don't do changes in the file after it's delivery but if we are asked by the customer for the same,we charge INR 700 extra for that render.

What if my video length is exceeding the order length?

In this case the charges increases poroportionally. It means after 60 seconds the charges will increase with per second rate of the basic prices.