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Wedding Invite Save the Date

Crafted with love of yours, designed by us!!

A wedding video invitation – Offer not to Deny!! 

Gone are the times when going to each relative’s house to send out the wedding invites. Because, in your whole life, weddings are a one-time event that we celebrate. Now, with us, sit at home and just with one click send out your invitations… this not only saves an extra effort, time and money, but also makes you stand out within the regulars…

So, explore our collection and designs for your invitations. Tell us your personalisation and customisation needs, and we will help you remove the complexity involved in the process and are here to save your day!!! Send out these video invitations and let your loved ones join your holy matrimony.  


Following this: we have 3 major formats for you to choose your best option according to your events and wedding calendar. 

4 Pages PDF

Wedding Announcement

Four-Pages Wedding Invitations 

A list of various trending, sparkly, simple range of designs and choices to chose from… From cover page to the last RSVP page, we’ve got an amazing range for you to explore for your wedding!! Don’t miss on this chance of standing-out! Just imagine… all your ceremonies and its details could be included along with your food menu!! What else do guests want? Right? They’ll come running towards your wedding and functions!! You can customise it any which way you want!! So, don’t miss out on this… Press down below for pricing now!!

3 Pages PDF

Three-Pages Wedding Invitations

Your engagement picture on the cover page along with wedding event dates, locations can’t be easier to provide with these video invites… and ending with RSVP is like a cherry on top! So, don’t miss this chance and grab it now!! Visuals have their way of catching your eye!! And what better way to make your relatives attend your wedding by inviting them with these video invites!!  

Explore now!! And for more information, press down below for pricing now!! 

Two-Pages Wedding Invitations

Providing the best of digital templates along with 500+ options for you wedding invitations!! Send out stunning, beautiful wedding video invitations to your friends and relatives with no regrets but only beautiful options and designs!! Physical invitations are becoming the thing of the past, join with us, and embark your beautiful one-time journey with us in a tech-savvy way!!

And for more information, press down below for pricing now!!

2 Pages PDF

It's Not End Yet!!

If you’ve started the wedding invitation search, you’re probably a bit overwhelmed. Click on the button below to explore.

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