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What is an infographic?

Infographics, also known as data visualization, are the presentation of information in visual form, such as graphs or charts. In the last ten years, some pretty amazing, beautiful and interesting animated infographic examples have been made by students and designers around the world.

Biteable is one of the fastest and most simple software platforms you can use to create an infographic video. It’s fast and easy to use, and includes free templates and music. You can get started here, or if you’re looking for some great infographic examples as a first step, we’ve curated some of the best from around the web to get you started.

Infographic Example with Humor

With an extremely stylish and labor-intensive style, this video’s soothing voiceover and satirically futuristic interface humorously present more visual information than you can comprehend, but is a joy to watch.

Infographic Example with Conviction

This has a lovely, gentle voiceover in a sort of ‘fireside chat’ style that makes you believe every word that is said. That, coupled with simple but devastating visualizations of the information and over 20 million views, make this a very powerful and influential infographic.

Infographic Example of a Timeline

This is an example of a well-paced infographic video with a nice, understated voiceover that communicates information clearly and effectively. It occasionally strays into ‘this software will save the world’ territory, but it generally keeps its claims modest and backs the claims up well

Infographic Example of Bodily Functions

Humorous subject matter will always help a video to be entertaining, but this has a lot more going for it than that. Great animation, a coherent and attractive visual style, and unobtrusive narration combine to make it so good that the one minute duration feels too short.

Infographic Example without a Voiceover

Doing an infographic video without a voiceover is hard, but these guys manage to pull it off with elan. This is a stylish, inspiring video with a great soundtrack and graphics that all look like they come from the same universe (which, take it from me, is harder to achieve than you’d think)

Infographic Example using Music Only

Another voiceover-less video, this is one of the best infographic examples we’ve found of visual, textual and musical elements working together to brilliantly communicate an idea. A sense of urgency is created right away, which is supported with simple but emotive imagery and a bespoke soundtrack, leading you to really care about the stick figure main character’s journey.

Infographic Example of Raw Data Representation

Notable for its innovative, unusual approach, this infographic by Good Magazine (check out their amazing archive of groundbreaking infographics here), isn’t one hundred percent successful (the unusual approach is slightly distracting), but it’s still worthy to include as an example of an interesting, alternative way of presenting information.

Infographic Example of Data Visualization

Another great, yet disturbing example of an infographic video from the Good Magazine archives, this is an excellent example of pure data visualization. It’s short and sweet and adds up to making a very strong point.

Infographic Example from 2010

This fun and cheeky look into the statistics of how far Google reaches into our daily lives is quite text-based, but has a clever visual reveal at the end. It’s an old one (2010), so it looks a little dated, but the twist makes it worth including on this list.

Infographic Example of Chronoloical Explanation

Science loves a good infographic, because one of the primary benefits of infographics are that they can explain complex ideas better and faster than just text, and this video does it rather well. Sophisticated graphics with well-chosen typography and sound keep us watching despite the sometimes bewildering facts.

So, what makes a great infographic? When the components work harmoniously to convey the story quickly and make the information more interesting and easy to understand. It’s obvious the best ones in this list have had a huge amount of work put in by some very skilled professionals, but what if you don’t have that amount of time or money? One great solution is Biteable. With Biteable you can make a professional-looking infographic in a very short time. We’ve made our app as easy to use as possible, with templates and a music library, and best of all, it’s free! But whatever you decide, good luck and don’t forget to have fun.


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