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How it Works?

Pick a video from our collection. Place an order. Your ordered video will be delivered in 1-2 business days.

How can I place my order for Video?

Send us your contact details for further process and we will do the rest. Or you can send selected video link on our WhatsApp number +91 73400-69076 and pay via any online payment gateway. Don't forget to mail us your payment receipt on hello@missaudiovideo.com. You can even contact us through WhatsApp in case of any problem or confusion.

In how many days will my video be delivered?

Generally, the videos are delivered within within 24-48 hours, but duration might exceeds to 3-4 business days in wedding season. Urgent delivery services can be provided if a customer needs it early, but here the charges will increase by 10%.

What content I need to provide?

The name of soon to be bride and groom with the additional information about the the venue and dates of ceremonies. Provide us the additional information you would like to add.

What about the Video Quality?

The videos will be delivered in high definition quality with featured accessibility in all the gadgets and electronics.

Payment Terms

Whether I have to pay before or after personalization?

The payment of entire amount will be done in advance. In case you can't pay the amount in lump sum then, you can make the payment of 50% in advance and the rest before the delivery of HD file. But if you choose the second option for payment, the amount of your video will be increased by 20%

Can I get any type of discount?

Yes, you can get a discount of INR 500, if you allow us to add our watermark in the last 10 seconds of your video.

What will be the Payment Methods?

You can pay via Googlepay, PhonePe, UPI Transfer, NEFT, Paytm, PayPal. Note- if you are paying via PayPal then you have to pay 5.89$ USD Extra as Paypal fee.

What if I need extra version of the same video?

To get an extra version of same video ,you have to make the payment INR 500. Version here means , if you want the same video with different ceremonial details from both the side or you want to make changes in the details for several guests.

Required Changes

What changes can be done in video?

Following mentioned changes can be done in Video: · Audio/ Music & Theme Color can be changed as per your choice · Images will be added/ replaced on the place of Frames or other images. · We provide unlimited revisions to complete your video

What if I need more changes in video?

In case, you want to add some frames and graphics in the given template, your amount of payment will increase depending upon the frames you choosed.

What if I ask for the changes after final render?

We don't do changes in the file after it's delivery but if we are asked by the customer for the same, we charge INR 500 extra for that render.