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MissAudioVideo goes through a very simple and easy process like 1 2 3. Our dedicated team members invest their time and countless efforts on explainer video process so that they can deliver the best video to you.











Once we’ve decided on a direction, we’ll then craft together a script that artfully, and effectively, conveys your message.

You’ll select a professional from our hand-picked group of male and female voice artists to deliver your very important message.

Once the animation process is complete, we will provide the animated explainer video for your review, we make unlimited revisions. We will deliver your finalized completed video in the desired file format

Using all the graphic elements, characters and voice-over recordings, professional animators manage to set the entire animated explainer video in motion.

After taking the time to understand your company and your goals for the video, and of course some good ol’ fashioned brainstorming, we put together a creative direction and concept.


Miss Audio Video is an innovative company. We leave no stone unturned when it comes to researching and identifying the best ways to convey your brand message to your particular clients. This includes audience market trend research along with the videos that can best describe your business. We also take extreme caution during the brainstorming stage. This includes the best usage for each video we make for you such which involves a number of mediums such as demos, marketing or a combination of both. In the end, we will share a detailed report with you regarding our findings and how we will make them come together.


Proceeding further the voice over has to be selected by the client. We send a number of voices over to the client. He chooses among them then that voice over is selected. We have 50+ male and female voice artists who can speak in American, British, Australian, and New Zealand English accents, Germany, French, Hindi, Russian, Dutch, Spanish, Hebrew, Portuguese, Chinese and many more. All Voice-overs will be shared with clients for review before going into production. We also have premium artists like radio speakers and TV commercial experts.


Our Explainer Video Process starts from gathering all the information from the client and processing further by writing the script. But before that a questionnaire is being sent to the client, when the client answers these questions the professional script writer starts working on a script of the video. We don’t have robot writers mashing out the same stories. Our qualified scribes are some of the greatest storytellers in the industry. Miss Audio Video has writers of all kinds that are capable of fitting your brand message into videos that viewers will keep coming back to. After writing the script the client reviews it and if he wants to change something in that he again resend it for the revision.


The final stage is the publishing part. Once the videos are completed, we will deliver each in HD quality and in formats that can best fit your systems. We also share files based on device and size of screening. Our 30+ promotional channels are more than capable of promoting your videos in targeted markets. Besides this, we will also guide you through the promotion process in order to ensure maximum coverage. I am sure that now you have got a clear idea about the explainer video process we follow at Miss Audio Video.


Once Script and voiceover are approved, our animators will commence animation. Each frame is crafted perfectly to fit the video and make the on-screen characters come to life. All visual appeal elements will be taken care of at this stage. We will complete the video within unlimited rounds of revisions before deeming it perfect for you. That is why it takes a time to make a scribe animation video since we wait for the approval of the client.Moreover, the process itself is time-consuming.


The second last stage is the one in which the animations and illustrations are synced together along with the sound effects and background music. Remember that the approval of client is required at every stage. Without his approval, we can’t move to the next stage. Our editors will add audio to each video where applicable and where they will make the most impact.


After the script is approved, the storyboard work starts. The storyboard is basically the script which is defined in visual frames in the form of slides. This involves initial drafts of the storyboard including writing and visuals. This whole process involves character modeling, environment design, color branding the video with company-specific images and icons etc. The client reviews it and checks if the images go with the script or not. Rest assured we will not rest until you are 100% satisfied.

Frequently Asked Questions

About Our Explainer Video Production Service


When do I send my script and other information?

After you have placed the order, you will be taken to a page where you can provide me with your script, your accent choice, format required, and any other information pertaining to any extras you might need.

Is voice over included in the cost?

Yes it is. One voice over is included in the cost.

Do we help with translating?

Yes, if it is in English or any other Indian languages.

What if i don't have a Professional Script?

Don't worry! Our team of professionals will provide a brilliant and original script which put a smile on your face :). All you need to tell us the same so we can send you the custom offer.

Can I change the script once it is provided?

Unfortunately, no. That's why you need to make sure your script is good to go before you submit it.

What will I receive when I order a Script?

I will send your 100% unique Script in a PDF, Word, Pages or Plan Text file. It is a written script, without any notes or storyboard. (Those are in my Notes Extra).

Do you write Voice Over scripts?

Sure, I can definitely write voice overs. Send your requests in.


Do we provide voice over in different languages?

Yes, we do. We have a roster of voice over artists from around the world and in different dialects and accents.

Do you provide other languages besides English?

Yes, we work with voice over artists from all over the world so we can provide a wide range of languages and accents. we work with Spanish, Russian, German and French voiceover artists and many more. Please follow this link http://www.missaudiovideo.com/voice-over-artist


How If i need source File ? (aep, ai, fla, proj, and other)

I'm sorry we not share the source file/ RAW file. what you get on final delivery is Video with Full HD format (1920x1080), Mp3 of the voice over. and background music (if you need this)

Is it possible to send you my own characters?

Yes, but it would be better if you contact us first.

Do you provide costume images?

Drawing is our passion. We would be glad to provide custom images. But, there will be extra charge for the custom images. So you need to contact us first, for a custom offer.

What kind of video file do you offer?

Miss Audio Video offers you mp4 format video file. MP4 is a very popular movie format supported by most media players. You can easily upload this file to your youtube channel, social media pages & can also show the same on your website.

What happens if I don’t like the video?

We offer unlimited revisions as we’re so sure you won’t need them! If you decide you don’t like the video or designs etc. at any stage, we’ll implement any changes and amend it until you’re satisfied.

Why would my video be better than competitors?

When we create a video, we don’t just create a generic video that’s similar to everyone else’s. We create unique, excellent videos that make you stand out from your competitors.

Unlimited Revisions

What does it mean unlimited revisions?

As long as it is about the video (images, photos, graphics, etc) then the revision will always free of charge until you satisfied. When it comes to the script changing and or voice over revision, it will no longer be free and we will ask for extra charge.


Step by Step Production


I am interested how do we get started?

Contact us with details of your requirement Email: hello@missaudiovideo.com Call/Whatsapp: +919950099076 Skype: whiteboard.animation and after discussion we will write a script. This script after your approval will go for Voice Over. for voiceover we will provide you samples to choose from Once Voice Over is finalized, our team will start working on animation. We will keep you updated with developments during this process. Background music will be added to the video after animation is approved and the video will be delivered in HD1080 Iin .MP4 file format



Message us! We LOVE meeting new clients and LOVE even more fun and new projects to work on. Seriously, message us. We are extremely friendly :)

About Us


Instead of FOR you, we work WITH you. Our #1 goal is for you to fall in love with the product we send. We BLOW our client’s minds with our creations!

What do you do exactly?

Miss Audio Video create animated videos to explain your concepts, services, product or causes. These videos are aimed to be genuinely interesting and attracts attention and encourage users to share it with their social networks. You can add these videos to your website, promote it on YouTube, show it as an presentation to your prospective clients and even play it on your LCD display at trade fairs.


What are the services included in the cost for an explainer video?

The services included in the cost are:

  • Script
  • Storyboard
  • Illustration
  • Animation
  • Voice over
  • Background music
  • Post production
You can check out our process to see it in detail.


Do we provide subtitles?

Sure we do. In the language you prefer.

Do you provide white-label services?

Yes, we do. We can work as your backend partner. Your agency will be the point of contact to your client and we will be your creative partner. We have worked and continue to work with agencies, small and large companies- and continue to develop partnerships within a range of different sectors. We can white label design, video and several other services- just ask us and we’ll adapt to your requirements.

Can we collaborate?

We’re open to collaborations- contact us at hello@MissAudioVideo.com to discuss!


Do we need to meet face-to-face or can we work remotely with you on a process?

Since we are a virtual organization, we are very comfortable working remotely with customers on projects. Between FTP uploads, emails, Skype and phone/web conferences, etc…you may feel like we’re working right next to you anyway.

Will we be able to create a video for you even if you are from a different state/ country?

Yes, even if you are at the other end of the Earth, we can create an explainer video for you, provided you are accessible via phone, email, Skype, Zoom or any other conference apps. If you can provide us with a timely feedback on each stage in our process, we can deliver the video on time for you. Distance hasn’t been an issue for us till date. We have worked with many international clients who are happy with our services.