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We are driven by the fundamental belief that translation is all about culturally connecting with the power of clarity. We believe the power of language comes out of ability to go beyond words and translate not only your words, but also your message, your tone, your understated meanings and designs.

Our intuitive platform allows companies of any size to order cost-efficient translations from professional translators.

We are your language power to connect with global consumers

Sell your products overseas with confidence

Translating from one language to another is much more than simply needing someone who is fluent in both languages – every assignment is a project. That’s why every client works with one of our qualified project managers. As we translate into more than 100 different languages some projects need considerable expertise from our project managers to keep everything on track and delivered on time. With a team of translators who include experts in a wide range of industries and disciplines you can be confident you’re working with experts.


We deal with native translators for all your language translation so that the final translated document truly conveys the intended message of the original. or all commercial purposes, if you need to communicate with the power of clarity, you need to connect with translators who can go beyond words and get in to the context matter for translation in target language with the same impact as in source language.


We have the right resources of voice over artists who are in-country professionals for dubbing in all language across the globe, for your corporate and sales promotion. We offer voice-overs for several projects including Training Videos, Promotional Videos, Commercials, Animation, Scripts, Documentaries, Sales Presentations, Interactive Voice Response, Computer-Based Training and many more.


The language version is played along with the source video for a quality check after approval by a linguist for proper flow and style of delivery. If during close-ups of the character in the video portion, there is a mismatch of audio and the expression, lip sync is done once again either by rerecording that portion or by editing the sound studio to get the language footage right.

When you want your message to make an impact in another territory, it takes more than dotting the ‘l’s and crossing the ‘T’s. It’s about the message, not the words. If your business is going global, but you want your message to be local – choose a professional business translation company that can offer you experience, expertise and enthusiasm.

Professional translation services for your industry

No matter the subject, content or project type, we’ve handled it all. Expertly

Our specialized content offerings are completed by our team of expert translators with unique knowledge and experience in their specific industry sectors. Our team of talented linguists and elite project managers have the depth and expertise needed to deliver complex, sensitive and technical projects—on time and within budget, every time.


Travel, Leisure & Hospitality

Media Publishing & Entertainment

Mobile & Video Games

Technology & Software

Marketing SEO & Advertising


Business & Finance


Transcription services incorporates framing an archive of video or audio recording of important business interactions, conferences events etc. The recordings are then transcribed by a professional transcriptionist. Our transcription experts transform your audio or video recordings of any format into credible data documents, enabling you to quickly grasp the important conversations in a conference, business meeting or an interaction.


A large number of businesses are now outsourcing their transcription related requirements to renowned transcription service providers rather than employing an in-house team for the job.

Availing the service of a credible transcription service providers come as a more cost-effective option as you only have to send the recorded audio files to the provider. It is also worth mentioning that though of paramount importance, converting audio files into text format is a time-consuming process, especially when performing it in-house.

MAV Translation Services employs who are highly qualified and skilled transcriptionists across the globe are accustomed to transcribe a host of pronunciations and accents as well as can operate on numerous input file formats like mp3, wave and can deliver the output files in the desired formats of the customer like word, TXT files or MP4.


MAV Translation Services is one of the best place where you find translation solution for all international and Indian languages. We have expertise to provide translation services for more than 20 Indian languages as well as 40+ international languages.

In case if there is a requirement with any specific language and/or dialect, we assure to provide translation service for that as well.



MAV offers quality translation provided by dexterous and vetted translators. Our QA Team follows strict quality guidelines to ensure all our services meet Global standard and fit the requirement of our client.Our selection procedure includes strictly evaluating the performance of resources before appointing on a project. All our translators are well aware of the latest terminology in their chosen fields of experience. They keep themselves updated with the latest terminology used in technical, financial, medical along with many other domains. We emphasize usage of terminology lists and glossaries on every project. Most of our translators are native speakers of the language they translate in and are proven subject matter experts. We ensure to give pertinent and impeccable data. We guarantee our clients on-time delivery & clarity of communication.

If you want your international message to make a real impact globally, you’ll need a professional business translation company – that’s us!



Unlike your typical translation agency, we provides clear, per-word pricing with no add-on charges or minimums.

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