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Invite Your Guests With A Class Apart Anniversary Invitation Video

Do you have an anniversary party coming up in the near future? Do you wish to invite your guests to the celebration in a unique way? Then ditch the traditional invitation card via snail mail. Send an online invitation card instead. This is more personal as compared to a Facebook post. We at Miss Audio Video allow you to impress your friends and family by letting you create custom invitations of a high-quality. We create professional looking video-turned-invite.

This is just a sample of one of our many anniversary invitations. We follow some simple steps to make an anniversary invitation card in the form of a video. This helps to make the invitation a unique look.

Step 1: Choose your photos as well as video clips.

We allow our client to first select the images which they feel is the best suited to reflect the theme and thus set the mood for the video. In case if the client does not have the required number of images, our team can make the anniversary invitations with the use of animated characters of the couple.

Step 2: Narrate a small story of your love

The celebration of the 25th anniversary or the 50th anniversary is a special occasion. Let the guests know about the special event with a small story or anything that has kept you ticking for so many years. We have a wide range of samples which you can choose or tell us about your own unique story.

Step 3: Use text to give guests the details.

One can begin the invitation with a simple start of “You are invited!” or even “Join us to celebrate…”, and that can be followed up by detailing out the event title or even the reason for the invitation. Some of the possible titles can be "25th wedding anniversary invitation of Mr. And Mrs. Patel" “Silver Anniversary Invitation of Mrs. and Mr. Desai, ” or even “50th Anniversary party invitation of Mr. and Mrs. Agarwal ”. The other details can be then filled up in the subsequent part of the video. Some of the important details to be conveyed in the invitation card video are the date, time, and place of the celebration.

Step 4: The ending

It is important to close the video with something striking for the guests to remember the wedding anniversary party. We have multiple options such as using a hilarious photo or video clip, or anything else which will make the guests feel delighted. This is truly alluring for the invitation to events such as a 25th anniversary or 50th anniversary.

So the next time you have an anniversary party coming up, or wish to celebrate your parents' wedding anniversary, invite your guests with special online invitation card, made by the team of Miss Audio Video. Our team will be delighted to create custom invitations for your guests and make your anniversary party invitations stand out of the crowd.


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