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The 15 Best Real Estate Explainer Videos of All Time - Miss Audio Video

Real Estate Explainer
Real Estate Explainer

The task of buying a new home is not as easy as it seems. Most people are confused about which home they should buy or how they should choose between the alternatives which are available for them. Fortunately, real estate agents are available to guide customers through every step of the customers’ decision-making process. The real estate videos below make it easy to understand the services being offered by real estate agents.

Level Up Realty’s Reliable Agent- An Agent You Can Trust!

The real estate agent in the explainer video comes across as a person who one can rely upon,is reliable, and can give the customer the support that he/she needs. The agent has been portrayed as a friendly individual who wants to win over the customer through providing his services, such as helping a customer sell his/her home or invest in real estate. The custom animated video distinguishes itself from the other real estate videos by showing the agent as a trustworthy person.

Lux Living- Bringing The Life Of Luxury Closer To You!

Lux-Living’s real estate video starts with a description of the target customers’ problem. Customer personas are created by describing two fictitious people: John and Lisa. John wishes to buy a new apartment whereas Lisa wishes to sell luxurious apartments. Lux Living’s custom animated video shows how it solves the problems for customers who want to live in a luxurious apartment and the problems of developers who find it difficult to sell their apartments by providing them with a common platform.

Pretis- Matching Buyers To Sellers

Pretis’s explainer video discusses how the problem of buyers not being able to find their dream homes can be solved by an algorithm that matches buyers to the homes that are a good fit for them.Pretis has portrayed itself as a company that secures both the buyer and the customer and provides buyer retention programs along with safeguarding the investments of the sellers.

A1 Prestige Realty Group- Buying and Selling Homes Made Simple!

A1 Prestige Realty Group helps buyers and sellers to buy and sell their homes. The 2d animated video shows how the process of obtaining a mortgage or selling your home isn’t as daunting as it seems. 

We Buy Houses for Cash: Finalising Orders Made Easy

Closing a deal isn’t as easy as it seems. The process is long and time-consuming. However, We Buy Houses For Cash is a company that helps in securing orders for houses and solves this problem for its customers.

Investor Life: Invest in Real Estate Without Worrying About Money!

Investor Life enables you to invest in real estate by working with a partner who takes care of the financial aspects of real estate. The animated video shows how one can get tenants or sell their homes. The video explains complicated concepts in a way that is otherwise hard to understand.

Region Home Buyers: Selling Homes Is Now A Piece of Cake!

Region Home Buyers buys houses in their existing condition through cash and the seller does not have to bear the expenses of repairs. This is a great option for buyers who don’t want to go through the entire process of making sure that their homes are ready for sale or negotiate with buyers.

Elliott Realty Group: An agent as well as a friend

The main character in the video, Jenny Morgan, is a real estate agent who is always available to answer the customers’ questions regarding matters like rent and mortgages.

BuyBackBham: Helping You Sell Your Home

BuyBackBham emphasises on the fact that it has helped many families to sell their homes. Sellers can sell their properties in any condition and do not have to fix or move anything around their houses before selling them.

Net Realty: Selling Your Home Using an Efficient Method

Net Realty is aware of the common problems that most people face: agents who are more interested in marketing themselves rather than helping sellers sell their homes and not responding to customers’ phone calls. Net Realty comes to the rescue by marketing the homes of sellers using social media. It also provides services such as live chats with real estate agents, calculating the savings of the sellers, and being able to generate a market analysis of the seller’s home.

Enter the Market: Investment planning for everyone

Enter The Market reassures investors that they will be able to take the first step towards investing in different properties and guide them throughout the decision making process. It portrays itself as a company that helps in removing any doubts from the customers’ minds and helps them in building a portfolio as well.

Net Realty: An agent that educates

Abby is a real estate agent who will break down the whole process of being able to buy or sell your home for you. This 2d animated video leaves an impact by introducing Abby as someone who can solve your problems for you.

Charleston Rental Properties: A Safe Way to Offer Your Property for Rent

This short video delivers the message that one can easily offer properties for rent using Charleston’s services.

Charleston’s Rental Properties: A New Way to Save Time and Money

Not only do Charleston’s rental properties make sure that your house does not stay vacant for a long period of time, but they also offer services like accounting services, the monthly auto-deposit of rent, and access to the repair and maintenance teams. The animated video explains how one does not lose money by choosing to advertise their home themselves instead of taking the help of an expert.

Driving for Dollars: A Solution for Real Estate Agents

Driving for Dollar’s explainer video talks about how it is a solution for real estate agents. Agents and their teams can find properties and record property-related information as well through the driving for dollars application. Agents can get an analysis of their homes as well.

How can one stand out in their custom animated videos?

-Customer personas or using examples can help customers relate to the video.

-Explain how the customer can benefit instead of simply talking about the company’s offerings.


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